5 Things I learned about in a Difficult JobArray

5 Things I learned at a Difficult Job

Check out my latest Blog Post: 5 Things I Learned About Myself at a Difficult Job. I have struggled these last few months. In a job that I felt I didn't belong. Praying to God for a chance at a new position. See where God lead my heart.
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Word of the Year 2019 - KnownArray

My Word of the Year 2019- Known

Being Known by God Why the word Known? I had been thinking about what my word of the year for 2019 was going to be while I was driving to help at the church, and the JoyFM was interviewing Tauren Wells. He began to talk about his reasons for writing his song Known, which at...
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Aprils Faithbox ReviewArray

April’s Faithbox Review

Since I have reviewed the Faithbox before I will spare you all the boring details and get to the good stuff, if you want general Faithbox information click here. The theme for this month’s Faithbox is Doubt. Faithbox is a monthly subscription box that inspires daily Christian living by helping you grow in your faith....
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When the Enemy Attacks.

The enemy is out to get me. I sit back and wonder why? Why am I so important? Why does it feel like the closer I get to God, and the more I walk the path I think he is leading me down, the more the enemy attacks. Over the month of September, the enemy...
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Enemy tries to Block your Path ImageArray

When the Enemy tries to block your path..literally.

What do you do when the enemy tries to block your path? Come read my latest blog post.
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November's Faithbox Honest ReviewArray

November’s Faithbox Review

Faithbox is a monthly subscription box that inspires daily Christian living by helping you grow in your faith, impact your community, and discover meaningful products from companies that do good.
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Why I Bullet JournalArray

Why I Bullet Journal

So why do I bullet journal? Learning to stay organized in this crazy life while following God's plan is tough. My Bujo makes it easier for me.
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Trying to stay true to GodArray

Trying to stay true to God.

How do you stay true to your beliefs during difficult situations?  Well if you are me, then you fail at it then get a life lesson from God.
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When life gives you lemons and you love them.Array

When life gives you lemons…and you LOVE them.

Getting lemons from life, getting a few more, and then realizing that you don't like lemonade, but God is giving you lemons whether you like them or not.
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