April’s Faithbox Review

Since I have reviewed the Faithbox before I will spare you all the boring details and get to the good stuff, if you want general Faithbox information click here.

The theme for this month’s Faithbox is Doubt.

Faithbox is a monthly subscription box that inspires daily Christian living by helping you grow in your faith. Discover April’s Faithbox and all it’s joy.

So, what comes in EVERY box?

1. Daily Devotional – Everyday Faith.

This is a great little 4 x 6-inch book with the entire month laid out with little nuggets of scripture and wisdom. They also sell a small leather cover for it online as well. Luckily, I received that little leather cover in a previous Faithbox, so I didn’t have to buy it separately, but this little leather-covered devotional goes with me wherever I go. My life is super hectic, and this little daily devotional gives me a perfect start to every day. They are short, sweet, and packed full of God’s word, prayers, and insights that support the theme for the month. If you are looking for a bible study or devotional where you can really delve into the word, this is not it. This is a quick one page three short paragraph type of devotional to get your mind in the right place in a few minutes time.

2. Impact Guide 

This little booklet describes all the goodies in your box, where they came from, what they support, and why they are important. Most of the times the items come from organizations that are providing a product to help support the growth of an individual or group, whether that be small farms or victims of sex trafficking.

3. Spiritual Inventory Card for the month.

On this postcard is a place for me to write:

  • My verse for the Month
  • Spiritual Practice tracker
  • Pay it forward tracker
  • Three ways God has blessed me this month
  • Spiritual journey tracker, where am I at the start of the month, where did I end up?

So, what else is in this month’s Doubt themed Faithbox?

If, by Mark Batterson

4. A Book

A book, If, by Mark Batterson. That tiny two-letter word is the hinge on the door of possibilities. Some of us are stuck in if only, living lives marked by regret. But God can turn your if only regrets into a what if attitude, a faith that looks forward to the future with holy confidence. There are 1,784 “ifs” in the Bible. The most significant? “If God is for us, who can be against us?” It’s the game changer! God is always on our side–every day in every way.

With his trademark enthusiasm and contagious joy, Mark Batterson helps you overcome feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt, because in Christ there is no condemnation. Unpacking the promises of Romans 8, he shows you how to transform your if only regrets into what if possibilities. And because of that, the possibilities for your life are limitless.

I can’t wait to dive into this book. I battle anxiety and depression and I am constantly thinking about the “what ifs” and need to focus on my life in Christ!

5. TRUST Magnet Letters

Also included in this box is a set of Trust Magnet letters by Matr Boomie. In times of doubt, a decision to trust God can reverse the feelings of worry or fear. These 1″ x 1″ wooden magnets are a reminder that trust is greater than doubt. Ethically sourced from local mango trees, the pieces are cut into squares and then impressed with heated, metal dyes giving the “burnt” color on each letter.

This particular set of letters are done mostly by men in North India. With limited skills, and even less job opportunities, the production of these wooden letters provides employment creation for people who are traditionally marginalized due to their lack of status and their religious beliefs. In addition to the employment opportunities created for men, the custom Faithbox newspaper wrap was produced by women who are part of a vocational training project. The newspaper warp is recycled from an Indian publication and then stamped with the Faithbox logo, providing an authentically, unique experience.

It just so happens that my word of the year last year was trust and this was a nice friendly reminder that even though last year is over, I need to continue to trust in Him. Check out their website for this and other great products here!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

6. Own your intention! Trust Sticker

H2 Life stickers are the first water bottle sticker that allows you to bring positivity everywhere you go. By filling our minds and environments with uplifting messages, we are taking a stand for goodness and inspiring others to do the same. The human brain receives subliminal messages within 1/300th of a second, therefore a simple word can act as a catalyst for profound daily transformation. Plus, who doesn’t need a simple reminder placed in your day to remind you to keep your eyes and heart above? See more information on their website here!

7. Custom Watercolor Art Designs

Madeline Harwell is a young, American artist and watercolorist from Missouri. Madeline combines her love for hand-lettering and watercoloring along with her Christian faith. A large portion of her sales are donated to ministries/organizations that have become dear to her heart.

This month’s box comes with two cards, the one you see above and an April Calendar card. Both are beautiful and too pretty to share, but would make a great gift! I personally love hand-lettered items and I love to letter and draw/paint so this is a project I can get behind. Beautiful watercolor and the hand lettering is awesome.

8. Custom Cedar Wood Pencil

This is one of the coolest things and I am hoping that I do not lose it before I get to plant it! This Sprout pencil is the original, plantable pencil. Rather than discarding the pencil when it’s reached its end, you can take your pencil and plant it and watch it grow into a beautiful basil plan! YUM!

Not only is this super cool, but these would make really cute gifts for your gardening friends or even your kids school teachers. Check out their products at http://www.sproutworld.com.

9. Arbor Day Foundation Faithbox Donation

To celebrate Earth Day, Faithbox has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and they’ve committed to donating $1 for every subscriber for a total of over $9,000! This donation goes toward supporting the Upper Altamaha Watershed Project in Georgia. In return, the Arbor Day foundation will be planting 9000 trees in honor of this months Faithbox!

This project is largely focused on restoring habitats for the Gopher Tortoise which is a keystone species for many other animals including the federally threatened Eastern Indogo Snake. The Altamaha supports the largest concentration of rare species of any river in the state of Georgia. Its mainstem is undammed and free-flowing, creating a relatively intact and healthy ecosystem.

The Arbor Day Foundation is pleased to offer Faithbox subscribers 10% off at their tree nursery on a variety of products including fruit and nut tress.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosers here.

The company provides an amazing quality service and is loving and transparent in all their correspondence. Follow the link to their website if you would like to subscribe to Faithbox. www.faithbox.com

They also have a prayer request email set up, and they encourage you to use it. The faithbox team will pray for you on a weekly basis. Who wouldn’t want a little extra prayer? prayers@faithbox.com

I have enjoyed this subscription The message each month has been one that I needed to hear and has helped me grow in my faith. I have learned so much about myself and this journey I am on through this $30 box, every penny worth spent if I grow closer to our God. I will continue to subscribe and can’t wait until next month’s box comes. Only 1 more month! (Fair warning, I will say the same thing next month).

Leave me a comment if you have Faithbox and share your thoughts!

I'm Jennifer Moses, a proud working mama with three kids and an amazing husband. I love to be creative, finding ways to make my life easier, while trying to be frugal. I love to read and have recently broken an unhealthy obsession and relationship with sweet tea.

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