Mothers and Daughters of Destiny

What is Honor|ed?

Honor|ed is a place for Moms and Middle School daughters to come together, strengthen relationships, keep conversations open, and have fun. Honor|ed groups meet once a month as a mother/daughter combo, in small groups to build a circle of friends and to to discuss relevant topics centered around our relationship with God. In Honor|ed we grow our faith together as family and friends. 

Group Meetings

What is covered?

We will cover topics such as, The Mother/Daughter Relationship, Beauty, Spiritual Gifts and Friendships.

Group Meetings

What happens at the meetings?

Each meeting we will have an ice-breaker, a conversation, and an activity. Everyone gets a workbook that we will keep track of things that we like during the meeting, things we come across throughout the month and questions that come up that we may want to ask others about.