November’s Faithbox Review

So let’s start with the basics.


According to their website, Faithbox is a monthly subscription box that inspires daily Christian living by helping you grow in your faith, impact your community, and discover meaningful products from companies that do good.

They pack each box with their daily devotional, Everyday Faith, to help keep your faith relevant throughout the month. Look for inspirational scriptures, challenges, and seasonal prayers – all centered on a faith-based theme.

They hand-pick items from companies and organizations who respect God’s people and His creation. That’s why everything is made ethically, is eco-friendly, and has a positive impact on the world.

Every box that you purchase is built around one or more “Do Good” products that are produced by companies who give back to their communities via projects that reduce poverty or by “Get One and Give One” sharing.



$29.95 / Faithbox

$28.95 / box $26.95 / box
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(Boxes ship on the 25th of the month.)

I bought my first Faithbox 3-month plan 5 months ago, and I am currently on my second 3-month plan. Every month, I look forward to the day that this box shows up in my mailbox. Everything about this box puts a massive smile on my face. From the devotional, they carefully construct to match the theme of the box, to the items that come inside, it is thoughtfully and beautifully built, with items that make you feel good and keep you faith centered.

So, what comes in EVERY box?

1. Daily Devotional – Everyday Faith. This is a great little 4 x 6-inch book with the entire month laid out with little nuggets of scripture and wisdom. They also sell a small leather cover for it online as well. Luckily, I received that little leather cover in a previous Faithbox, so I didn’t have to buy it separately, but this little leather-covered devotional goes with me wherever I go. My life is super hectic, and this little daily devotional gives me a perfect start to every day. They are short, sweet, and packed full of God’s word, prayers, and insights that support the theme for the month. If you are looking for a bible study or devotional where you can really delve into the word, this is not it. This is a quick one page three short paragraph type of devotional to get your mind in the right place in a few minutes time.

2. Impact Guide – This little booklet describes all the goodies in your box, where they came from, what they support, and why they are important. Most of the times the items come from organizations that are providing a product to help support the growth of an individual or group, whether that be small farms or victims of sex trafficking.

3. Spiritual Inventory Card for the month. On this postcard is a place for me to write:

  • My verse for the Month
  • Spiritual Practice tracker
  • Pay it forward tracker
  • Three ways God has blessed me this month
  • Spiritual journey tracker, where am I at the start of the month, where did I end up?

So, what else is in this month’s Special Edition Family Faithbox?

Let’s first point out that this box is not like the other’s I have received. It is centered around family, but specifically designed by Faithbox and Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman. I grew up listening to Steven Curtis Chapman, and as an adult, this box is refreshing. I feel they are now guiding me as an adult, not just through their music, but through their life experiences. All items in the box are curated by the Chapmans.

A word from the Chapmans:

“We love what Faithbox is doing to create business opportunities for small businesses, while at the same time, people of faith receive amazing products and do-good items monthly. This month’s theme is Family and created by our family, the Chapmans. I’m excited to share my story in my book “Between Heaven & The Real World” with you in this box, and if I could make one recommendation to complete the story, it would be to encourage you also to read Mary Beth’s amazing book “Choosing to SEE.”

Another thing that is so great about this month specifically is that Show Hope, an organization near and dear to our hears, will benefit from this box simply by you choosing to have it arrive at your house—how cool!?!

Mary Beth and I are so excited to see what you think about this box. Send us a tweet @StevenCurtis or @MaryBethChapman on Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

We hope this month’s items bless you guys. Hope to see you out on the road on this Great Adventure!”

4. The book mentioned above, “Between Heaven and the Real World,” by Steven Curtis Chapman. In this book, Steven openly shares the experiences that have shaped him, his faith, and his music in a life that has included incredible highs and faith-shaking lows.November's Faithbox Unboxed - Between Heaven and the Real World

5. SCC SOLO: CD, Live from Muscle Shoals, by Steven Curtis Chapman. In the process of writing the above book, Steven was struck with the power and the importance of remembering as he retraced the steps of his life’s journey. Writing his memoir was so impactful for him personally that he decided to take the idea on the road, and from that birthed “SCC SOLO: A night of Hits, History and Influences,” a tour that is now on its third season.November's Faithbox Unboxed - SCC SOLO: CD

6. Show Hope Christmas Ornament by Handmade Studio TN at Y’all….I love Christmas…like LOVE Christmas. So this is going to be a great addition to an already special holiday in our family. Exclusively made for Faithbox, the Show Hope Christmas ornament was handcrafted in the Chapmans’ hometown of Nashville, TN. Handmade Studio TN creates modern and functional ceramics for the table and home. Each vessel is handcrafted in their Nashville studio. Their love for hand-building items brings a unique admiration for the Creator and his ability to make beautiful things out of dust. Each piece is a useful object that has been carefully created with love. Handmade Studio TN offers simple, beautiful, imperfect vessels to accompany you in your home. This ornament is simple and beautiful and will match any theme you have for your Christmas tree (yes I am one of those people, I have two trees and a kid tree, don’t judge).

November's Faithbox Unboxed - Show Hope Christmas Ornament

7. A roll bracelet from Aid Through Trade at Every purchase from Aid Through Trade will directly impact the lives of women and their families in Nepal. They even provided a discount code for your next purchase in the box, which I will be ordering some more for Christmas gifts as this bracelet is beautiful! The one I received is a beautiful sparkly light pink/rose goldish bracelet. (Just for full transparency, this box was supposed to come with an awesome tic tac toe set from Matr Boomie, but I am completely ok with the bracelet substitution, and I look forward to the tic tac toe in a future box! Just so happens to be my kids’ favorite restaurant game, this will come in handy in my house!)

November's Faithbox Unboxed - A roll bracelet from Aid Through Trade

8. A pamphlet for Show Hope, an organization committed to the holistic care of children who have been orphaned, Show Hope operates in four key areas: Adoption Aid, Care Centers, Pre+Post Adoption Support, and Student Initiatives. Adoption has always been near and dear to my heart, my husband was adopted, and my grandmother adopted twins, my Mom and Aunt, so I appreciated them distributing this information out to people who may need or benefit from this pamphlet. For more information, visit their website at

This box was a refreshing change from the normal. Although different from the Faithbox curated boxes, it was nice to hear from a prominent Christian family, their story, and some of their favorite things. Thank you to the Chapmans for partnering with my favorite Christian subscription box!



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The company provides an amazing quality service and is loving and transparent in all their correspondence. Follow the link to their website if you would like to subscribe to Faithbox.

They also have a prayer request email set up, and they encourage you to use it. The faithbox team will pray for you on a weekly basis. Who wouldn’t want a little extra prayer?

I enjoy this subscription a lot more than I ever thought I would. The message each month has been one that I needed to hear and has helped me grow in my faith. I have learned so much about myself and this journey I am on through this $30 box, every penny worth spent if I grow closer to our God. Only 1 more month until the December Box! (Fair warning, I will say the same thing next month, just like I did in the previous month)


I'm Jennifer Moses, a proud working mama with three kids and an amazing husband. I love to be creative, finding ways to make my life easier, while trying to be frugal. I love to read and have recently broken an unhealthy obsession and relationship with sweet tea.

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