Why I Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are becoming more and more popular every day. I see Instagram posts, Pinterest posts, and Facebook groups dedicated to just bullet journaling. Before I go into my story, let me explain the bullet journal.

A bullet journal is a notebook or journal with lined, dotted, or grid paper. In other words, whatever you want to write in, you can use for this. It could be a $0.25 spiral notebook or a $30 fancy journal. It is, to try and put simply, a diary/journal/planner/sketchbook/budget tracker/fitness tracker/memory book/bible study, all in one and any combination of those things and possibly a million more I didn’t list. Mine just happens to be all of those. YOU need to decide first if this system works for you and what you are wanting out of it. Do you want to paint in your journal? Then get one with heavy paper, maybe even a sketchbook! Do you just want to write, then perhaps just a lined composition notebook? Whatever your heart desires.

So why do I bullet journal?

I have always like to be creative. I have always loved stationery, pens, paper, stickers, painting, and pretty much anything crafty, except glitter…not a huge glitter fan. But last year I realized that I had been spending my life focused on work, school, husband, and children and very little time on myself. I wasn’t spending any time doing the things that I love, the things that bring me joy and the things that build my faith.

During this time, I also realized that I was beginning to forget a lot of things I wanted to remember. Moments in life, appointments coming up, scriptures that I came across, all these things that I tried to hold onto, but didn’t know how. I was having a hard time controlling my finances, not tracking the money coming in and out, and going into debt a little more every day. Forgetting birthdays, planning things on the same day as other things, all kinds of disorganization causing myself quite the anxiety in turn.

My Pastor also likes to call us out on not using our God-given talents. Always asking, what are our God-given gifts and how are we going to use them to glorify God. I know I am being called by God to share my life and how I try to navigate this world, one day at a time, in a Godly way. I have good days, and bad days, I have days where my spiritual walk is on point, and I have other days I am so consumed that I forget to rely on God for the support I so desperately need. Those days where life gives you lemons are typically the days I forget, see my post When life gives you lemons…and you LOVE them. But how can I use my crafting ability, not only to keep growing in my faith but to help ease the anxiety that this life brings?

I am a very logical, systematic, like to plan person, with strength in strategy. My hectic life causes me to struggle with staying organized. I have a hard time focusing, so I also use my bujo as a coping mechanism to deal with my ADD tendencies. The older I get, the harder the anxiety over disorganization hits.

The bullet journal method helps with all that nonsense. It gives me a catch-all, organized place to keep all that I mentioned above.

So how does that work?

Well, let me tell you what I keep in my Bujo.

A few pages to keep track of what is in the journal and on what page. Think Table of Contents that you add to as you write on pages in your journal.

A Yearly layout:
An overview of what the year looks like usually small mini calendars to view days at a glance. You can handwrite, use stickers, stamps, or print and glue pages in for this.

Monthly layout:
Usually a combo of the items listed below:

  • Goals for the Month
  • Scripture for the Month
  • Paydays
  • Bill due dates and amounts
  • Appointments
  • Birthdays
  • Events
  • Important college dates – since I teach part-time I need to know when I need to enter Grades or if there is a school holiday coming up.

Weekly layouts:
I do a two-page spread per week, some people do a page per day, some people 2, it is entirely flexible to whatever you need, which is why I love it so much!

This layout includes:

  • Days of the week
  • Appointments
  • Prayer list
  • Weekly to-do
  • Workout tracker
  • Devotional tracker
  • Water tracker (I do need to be better at this one)
  • Sometimes the daily weather

Travel and Event pages sprinkled in, like when we take trips as a family, I take pictures and stick them in my journal using my handy HP sprocket printer, and now my memory is forever captured in this journal.

I keep other random stickers in the back pocket of my journal, you know that back pocket I mentioned in the Bullet Journal Comparison and Review. It is nice to have a back pocket to put things in like extra stickers. My favorite sticker book is the American Crafts Faith Sticker Book with Godly quotes, scriptures, reminders, letters, etc. on awesome stickers, this is for when I get lazy and don’t feel like drawing or writing the stuff out myself.

Now, first, let me tell you, I am not a fantastic artist. I am an OK artist, and I am OK with that. I like to use a lot of stickers when I am busy, and I make weekly spreads sometimes, and forget to fill them out. But, when I do remember, I love them. These journals will one day show my kids who I was when I was their mom/step-mom. It will show them the moments and days when they were the only thing I was praying for, the only thing I worried about.

I carry this little journal everywhere I go, I have gotten an entire year’s worth of adventures in one $19.99 hard leather back Dingbats Notebook which I will keep forever!

I also can’t wait to plan my 2019 bujo, the Lemome Cork Cover.

I hope that this will help you on your journey like it has helped me, whether it be an organization tip, or just to put your thoughts down on paper.

Did you find this helpful? Please leave a comment below with any questions you might have for me!

I'm Jennifer Moses, a proud working mama with three kids and an amazing husband. I love to be creative, finding ways to make my life easier, while trying to be frugal. I love to read and have recently broken an unhealthy obsession and relationship with sweet tea.

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